Builder gel adds strength and length to natural nails. The proper application of builder gel is vital for designing a long-lasting gel manicure. Here are some basic instructions on how to use builder gel.


  1. Buff the nail plate with a nail buffer.

  2. Apply a nail dehydrator to each nail’s surface to remove oils.

  3. Apply the base gel (foundation gel) and cure it under UV or LED light.

  4. Adhere the nail form onto the natural nail.

  5. Brush a builder gel bead onto the apex of the nail, down to the free edge. Tap and drag the gel to avoid gel streaking. Apply the builder gel down the nail form to create and shape the long nail extension. Make sure to apply the gel only as far down as you want the nail length to be.

  6. Cure the nails until dry, then file and shape them.

  7. Wipe the inhibition layer from each nail with a cleanser.

  8. Remove the nail forms carefully from each nail, followed by any residual dust.

  9. Apply gel color polish if desired and finish with a gel-compatible top coat.

  10. Cure the nails to complete the manicure.